Wu-Tang Clan Are Back With New 18-Track Project ‘The Saga Continues’

Wu-Tang are back at it with a full 18-track titled The . While the LP comes packaged as a Wu-Tang album, it’s a bit different from past albums from the legendary group as DJ Mathematics handles the production duties utilizing previously recorded verses from Wu Tang members while RZA takes on the task of executive producer.

There was a young brother that was our deejay. He was working construction. I hired him to draw the Wu-Tang logo. His name was Allah Mathematics. And he always was in the shadows doing the knowledge..He learned how to make beats and produce and after a while—when I became a composer I became further and further away from the sound of Wu-Tang I mean I don’t use the ASR-10  anymore…Mathematics stayed right there with it. So he was really given the task and he took the task upon himself to go and start having the members re-energize their verses to the classic Wu-Tang sound. After he got it to a certain degree, he was like, “I’m going to come over and show you where we’re at.” He showed me and I was like, “Yo, The .” – RZA

While not handled by Wu-Tang Founder RZA, the production indeed does carry a classic Wu-Tang making the most of the member’s verses used on the album. Previously released single “People Say” was an incredible surprise and gave us high hopes for The , is sounding great already. Listen to the full below and enjoy!

Wu-Tang – The

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