Eco announces new album and shares beautiful single ‘Darkness In The Light’

A three-year hiatus paired with intense introspection led to Eco’s debut Wolves, which tells the legendary American producer’s story of disillusionment with the contemporary electronic scene and his willingness to dive into his roots and work to restore the quality he once knew. The news comes as a grand announcement to trance fans, who have missed Eco’s immense skill in crafting ethereal, raw trance and progressive pieces.

“Darkness Into ,” the LP’s first , fully embodies this concept. Ambient nature sounds soon give way into a touching melodic progression strummed out by electric guitars and the gradual introduction of sonic layers. A huge release is felt by the time percussion kicks in, allowing the mind to soar as all of the clip’s elements combine into smooth piece that can be applied on any dancefloor. Crisp, instrumental accents are certainly refreshing to hear within any dance music subgenre, and Eco’s full embrace of these sounds has been welcomed with open arms by new and old fans alike.

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