Skrillex is officially returning to From First to Last

With production credits ranging from pop’s biggest stars to high-profile collaborations with other superstar producers and his own blistering solo career — not to mention years of maniacal touring — it’s no wonder that ‘s reputation within the electronic music sphere is quickly approaching, if not already firmly within, legendary status. Reaching the pinnacle of any pursuit, though, is often a time for reflection, and thus the producer born Sonny Moore has recently returned to the roots of his first musical success: post-hardcore band From First to Last. He surprised fans in January with the release of a new track from the band and again caught folks unaware with his performance at Los Angeles’ Emo Nite. This flurry of activity left many wondering if had officially rejoined his old band but the producer was unwilling to provide any official word.

That has all changed as From First to Last’s official media accounts have announced the has rejoined the band nearly a decade after he originally left to focus on a solo career. Details, however, are scarce, as there have yet to be announcements of any tours or upcoming releases. It’s not out of the question that the group will continue their run of surprise announcements for the foreseeable future. It also remains to be seen how will organize his time before his electronic pursuits and From First to Last. The producer has proven himself capable of adroitly juggling numerous high-profile projects in the past and thus fans of both his projects should be excited for the future.


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