Moogfest announces 2017 lineup

Since its formation in 2004, Moogfest has become an annual home for today’s leading musical innovators, budding entrepreneurs, forward-thinking artists, and respected scientists. The late inventor Bob Moog — he of Moog Synthesizer fame — first created the event as a one-night party in NYC, and it has since expanded to a four-day venture in Durham, North Carolina to celebrate the unification of music, art, and technology in all of its most progressive forms. Set to take place from May 18-21, this year’s lineup includes artists and designers of various facets, featuring over 140 acts including , Animal Collective, Gotye, Suzanne Ciani, Derrick May, 808 State, and more, all of whom will join a number of other performers in leading a variety of workshops and classes during the day that focus on experimentation and collaboration.

This lineup reinforces Moogfest’s commitment to bold experimentation, with some of the most important musicians and thinkers of our day helping to blur the lines between audience and artist, conversation and collaboration, technology and creativity.

Joining the list of top-tier programming, this year’s affair will also feature a showcasing of experimental film and live scores, Black Quantum Futurism, Techno-Shamanism, as well as a newly organized “Protest Stage” to speak out against discriminatory politics. More info and tickets are available on Moogfest’s official website.

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