DZIARMA and her new video KAWAII !

Dziarma returns with a new song and very powerful music video. You can see the controversial music video directed by Michał Pańszczyk ( TheDreams Studio ) for her new single, “KAWAII”, on the artist’s official YouTube channel.

The video can be seen above

“KAWAII” is a song that I wrote during my stay in Tokio. Inspired by the sugary-sweet vibe of Jap anese popculture, I have written a song that epitomizes the word “cute” (which stands for sweetness and niceness in English). Primarily, the song shows how filled with glitter and glamour the contemporary times are and that there is a dark side behind the semblance of sweetness. “KAWAII” is so far the most important track I have recorded – mostly because it is the first one I have entirely written myself. Also, as an avid EDM fan, I can admit without false humility that the drop (props to MaroMusic!) is an absolute blast – says Dziarma, commenting on her new single.

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