Rusko Curates 37 Song Dubstep Throwback Playlist Filled With Classics

One of our favorite pioneers, , came back on the map in a massive way this year after battling cancer, jumping fully back in the festival circuit and releasing a brand new EP we’ve been loving. Well we teamed up with him to have him curate an custom Spotify for us featuring not 10 or 20, but of his favorite . This includes tracks like Flux Pavilion’s “Cracks,” ’s “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” and ’s “Centipede” among others.

The is filled with s that have inspired over the years including some of his own favorite releases.

Listen through the nearly three-hour and make sure to share with a friend to remember the golden days or to someone just breaking into the genre. Enjoy!

Photo credit: @JennicaMaePhoto

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