U4RIA Festival Announces Full-fledged, Two-day Lineup for Toronto Trance Fans

Ringing in the summer with the first of it’s kind, Electric Escape is hosting U4RIA Festival; Canada’s first two-day trance festival. Held over the first weekend of June, attendees will be treated to an abundance of trance newcomers and fan-favorites at the Toronto Event Centre, conveniently located just outside the downtown sphere.

Planned with care and the attendees’ comfort at the forefront, U4RIA offers three stages, indoor/outdoor access and an outdoor pool bar to top the weekend off. With over 30+ international and local artists in each realm of the trance genre, fans will be treated to the likes of Astrix, , and John O’ Callaghan over the weekend.

spoke with Stanley Ho, the festival founder to learn about how U4RIA stands out from other nation-wide events, and his thoughts on the growth of the trance scene vs. the currently prominent bass scene:

What does U4RIA do to stand out from the surrounding Canadian festivals and events?

U4RIA is an all-trance music festival. It’s not a typical mixed-genre event as it was curated to focus on one specific genre only and also to show the world how great Canada’s trance community is. We have assembled the most sought-after artists that you typically won’t see at every major festival in Canada, but that you would find at marquee global trance events like  and Dreamstate Luminosity. Trance is making its mark again across the globe and U4RIA hopes to establish itself as Canada’s leading trance festival, which is not to be missed.

How have you seen the trance scene evolve over the last five years, and how does it differ from the currently reigning bass phase? 

U4ria Festival 2018

One day and weekend passes are available for purchase online

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