Dash Berlin Live at S2O 2017 in Bankok , Thailand Ruangi Mix

Go watch the full performance on channel :

One of the best venue setup i saw for long . gratz to the Lj , Vj and production .exept for the recorded audio it looked amazing.

So whats differant with this video?
At first its an mix so it shorted the video from 1hr29min to 40 min
the mix keeps the flow going one so no slowdowns by to long transitions or startup of a song with an original part ( YT claims may shut the video down if you keep it in).

Also ive enhanced the audio db and bass and edit the video to keep it interesting .

Have fun with performance ,my mixing ,enhancing and editing but mostely watch how all those lights ,video , water,firework working amazinly well synched.

lets hope this video dont get blocked lol.
its not monitized and made as big fan of since 2007.
to bad i never had the chance to go watch him on the spot.
Doe zo voort Jeff……

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